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User Guide

Folding the Treadmill

Loosen the screw by turning the screw handle. Hold the handles under the running board and lift it up.

Unfolding the Treadmill

Hold the handles under the running board palm up. Bring the running board to the ground. Position the handlebar such that the circular protrusion on the bottom of the handlebar and the running board are aligned. Put the screw in the hole at the bottom of the handlebar. Turn the screw handle to tighten the screw. 


Using the Display

To look at each of the measures (speed, distance, steps taken, and calories), click on the white button until you see the measure you are looking for. Make sure the wire is plugged in to the back of the display. 

Putting in the Display Batteries

Undo the two screws on the back of the display. Press down on the edge of the battery cover to remove it. Put it two 1.5V AAA batteries. Put the cover back on and screw the display back onto the treadmill. 

Accelerating and Decelerating during HIIT

To accelerate, simply increase your running speed (or try to move to the front of the running belt). To decelerate, simply decrease your running speed (or try to move to the end of the running belt).