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The Portable Self-Powered Treadmill

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Treadmill without chains

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100% Portability

The Monster Crawler is so easy to move around and store away, with its foldable handles, compact yet sturdy build, and smooth 360 degree rotating wheels. It comes brand new and installed already, so all you have to do is unfold the handle bars, wheel it where you want to workout, and hop on! 

130% Workout Efficiency

Working out with The Monster Crawler is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other–but you'll burn 30% more calories from propelling both yourself and the belt on the slight incline of the treadmill. Challenge yourself with HIIT, and have seamless start and stops while you're at it! Our shock absorbing rubber slats not only reduce damage on runners' joints but also provide for a smoother workout experience. 

Stylish Minimalistic Design

We love curves here at the Monster Crawler. Our matte black treadmill has a beautiful curved design that exhibits both elegance and power. With our sophisticated design, eliminate the noisy electric motor and the clunky clack clack running sounds that disrupt your workout music. Experience how it feels to truly enjoy working out.


At The Monster Crawler, we take pride in doing our part to minimise environmental waste as much as we can. Hence, our treadmill does not have an electric motor. It's completely powered by you as you expend energy while running on it. Our philosophy: choose body over buttons, choice over chains, and consciousness over cords.

Monster Care

Every portable self-powered treadmill comes with 1 year of technical assistance.

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